Most above ground pools now include a pump and cartridge filter as standard. It is a combination of circulating water through the cartridge to collect suspended particles, together with good chemical water treatment, that helps you maintain clear, clean and healthy water. As a guide to running circulation, you should aim to “turn” the full volume of pool water through the cartridge once per day. Typically in most splasher pools, using standard equipment, this is 4 hours per day (that the pump should be turned on).


Water testing and ideal pool levels:

Using Clearwater 3 way dip tests, you are able to quickly and accurately assess the condition of your water and make adjustments to chemical levels with the appropriate chemicals added where necessary. Test daily when the pool is in use and twice weekly when the pool is not in use.


Test Ideal Reading Terms
Free chlorine 1-3ppm* *ppm = parts per million
pH 7.2-7.6  
Total Alkalinity 125-150ppm* *ppm = parts per million


When using Clearwater dip tests, follow the instructions on the bottle for best results, being observant of the optimal reading times and always holding strips level (to avoid indicator pad colours mixing).