ClearWater 1 Litre Antifoam Lay-Z-Spa / Inflatable Pools

ClearWater 1 Litre Antifoam Lay-Z-Spa / Infltable Pools

ClearWater 1 Litre Antifoam Lay-Z-Spa / Inflatable Pools


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    Key Features

  • ClearWater 1 Litre Antifoam
  • Ensure proper sanitation of your pool and spa
  • Control foaming in your spa and pool
  • Leaves you with crystal clear spa and pool water
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Product Description

Product Description

ClearWater 1ltr Antifoam is applied to the water in your Lay-Z-Spa to eradicate foaming. Lay-Z-Spa air jets bind loose particles together and, as water bubbles to the surface, the bound particles produce foam. These particles can be from outdoor dirt and debris, though one of the most common causes is oils and cosmetics from the skin.

Lay-Z-Spa Antifoam contains defoaming agents which loosen the particles so that they're circulated around the filter system and trapped by the filter cartridge. The antifoaming agent should be applied when you're not using your Lay-Z-Spa and with the filter heater pump switched on. This allows the defoamer to evenly disperse around the Lay-Z-Spa, producing clean, clear water.

There are so many possible causes of foaming that it can be difficult to determine how or why it has occurred. For best results apply the foam cleaner whenever you notice significant foaming in your Lay-Z-Spa, particularly if it's present when the bubble jets are turned off.

Note: Clearwater Anitfoam has been manufactured specifically with the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa in mind but is fine to use with other models. For a complete range of Bestway pool and Lay-Z-Spa chemicals visit the Chemical Shop on the Direct Aftersales website.