ClearWater 1kg Chlorine Granules - Lay-Z-Spa/Pool Use

ClearWater 1kg Chlorine Granules - Lay-Z-Spa/Pool Use

ClearWater 1kg Chlorine Granules - Lay-Z-Spa/Pool Use


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    Key Features

  • ClearWater 1kg Chlorine Granules
  • Keep your water free from contamination
  • Easy to use and great for maintaining safe water
  • Dissolve into your pool or spa water
  • Minimal impact on pool or spa PH levels
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Product Description

Product Description

ClearWater 1kg Stabilised Chlorine Granules are a widely used and highly effective way to maintain clean, clear water in your Bestway pool or Lay-Z-Spa. They're great for decontaminating the water and reducing the risk of invasive microorganisms.

Chlorine granules should be applied on a regular basis, preferably daily if you want to maintain a healthy swimming environment. Chlorine treatment helps keep pH levels at their optimum level and cut down on using chemicals to treat algae, cloudy water and other unwanted conditions.

You should use swimming pool chlorine when water temperature exceeds 20°C so that they can be applied directly to the water. However, instructions are printed on the packaging to guide you through different methods of application. Because the chlorine pool chemicals are stabilised they're less affected by the sun, which can hinder how effectively water is treated. This makes them an extremely effective method of treatment.

After using chlorine swimming pool granules you should always check that pH levels are correct so that the water is safe to enter. In addition to standard pH Dip Tests we also sell an Aquatest Pool Water Tester to read the chemical levels in your spa or pool.

Note: ClearWater 1kg Stabilised Chlorine Granules should never be mixed with other chlorine granules or added to the pool through a feeder containing other pool chemical products. For a full selection of spa and pool chemicals visit the Chemical Shop on the Direct Aftersales website.

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