ClearWater 1kg PH Increaser - Lay-Z Spa / Inflatable Pools

ClearWater 1kg PH Increaser - Lay-Z Spa / Infltable Pools

ClearWater 1kg PH Increaser - Lay-Z Spa / Inflatable Pools


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    Key Features

  • ClearWater 1kg pH Plus
  • Maintain your waters pH levels
  • Improves water health and lifespan of your water
  • Avoid harmful side effects of chlorine
  • Increase the efficiency of your chlorine
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Product Description

Product Description

ClearWater 1kg pH Minus is the most effective way to increase pH levels in your pool or spa if they've fallen below the optimum level. If the pH balance is off kilter it can dramatically impact the effect that chlorine has and inevitably lead to sanitation problems.

The optimum pH level of pool and spa water is 7.0 to 7.6. This can be tested using pH Dip Tests or an Aquatest Pool Water Tester. Using the pH increaser to lift pH levels will reduce the risk of burning eyes and itchy skin. It also helps chlorine disinfect the water so that you don't have to keep adding other chemicals to redress the balance.

Always read the instructions carefully before using the pH booster. Once you've applied the pH enhancer and left it to disperse you should test pH levels again to check that they're correctly balanced. If you've added too much of the pH water treatment then you may have to use Clearwater pH Minus to reduce the pH level.

Note: for a full range of swimming pool chemical products, including Chlorine Granules, Algaecide and Multifunctional Tablets, visit the Pool Chemicals section of the Direct Aftersales website.

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