ClearWater 1kg Mini Spa / Pool Chlorine Tablets

ClearWater 1kg Mini Spa / Pool Chlorine Tablets

ClearWater 1kg Mini Spa / Pool Chlorine Tablets


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    Key Features

  • ClearWater 1kg Mini Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets
  • Designed for complete disinfection of your pool or spa
  • Make looking after your pool low maintenance
  • Test PH levels of your spa before use
  • Follow health and safety giudelines
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Product Description

Product Description

ClearWater 1kg mini Multifunctional Tablets have been designed for complete disinfection of your pool or spa when used in a 5in Chemical Floater. The pool chlorine tablets are recommended as the best way to maintain chemical hygiene levels if you don't have time to treat your pool every day with granules. Using a chemical floater is also a great way to automatically treat water whilst away on holiday.

All you have to do is load the tablets into the chemical floater and let it bob about on the water to decontaminate your pool. Each tub contains 50 x 20g pool chemical tablets which offer lasting protection to your pool or spa water.

Before using mini multifunctional tablets you should adjust pH to the ideal level of 7.0 to 7.6. This will ensure that the swimming pool chemicals successfully disinfect the water. Producing the correct pH level also helps to reduce the risk of nasty skin reactions. If you're unsure whether the chemicals for swimming pools are working then a simple Clearwater Dip Test Kit is also available.

Please be aware that Bestway pool chemicals in tablet form should never be added to the pool without a floating dispenser.

General precautions when using ClearWater Mini Multifunctional Tablets:

- Wear eye and face protection to ensure no granules go in your face.
- Never mix with other chemicals as this could cause a chemical reaction.
- Always add product to water not water to the product.
- Wash hands thoroughly after handling chemical tablets.
- Handle products outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
- Do not allow chemicals to become damp in storage.

Note: the number of mini tablets used is dependent on both your dispenser and pool size. The dispenser should always be removed from the pool whilst people are using it. For the complete range of pool and spa chemicals visit the Chemical Shop on the Direct Aftersales website.

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